Automobile Accident Site Photography

“Being a Claims Adjuster taught me HOW to photograph an auto accident site in the proper way.

 Woe betide the adjuster who submitted sub-standard photographs of an accident site to

 Defense council on the eve of a trial!!”

—John Fanizzo

There is an exact science to photographing an auto accident site that ensures their entry into evidence. Photographs are taken in a certain order, measured against a common reference point, and then are labeled for proper identification.  We also take care to use normal-view lens to limit linear and spacial distortion.

As always, we provide two sets of each photograph in our Auto Accident Photo-Layouts:

  • One set of 8 ½ x 11″ photographs for our client
  • A set of 4″ x 6″ photographs for the adversary

Each photograph is labeled, and we hand draw overlays on relevant photographs with measurements, directions of travel, and street names for easy reference. They are then encased in archival plastic sheets and folders for easy review.

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