Day-in-the-Life Videography

“A Day-In-The-Life Video is a snapshot in time. It must be fast-moving, brief, and engaging.

It should never so dwell on the obvious that it dulls the viewer to the plight of the subject.”

—John Fanizzo

A Day-In-The-Life Video is an infomercial that shows a subject’s life in an intimate, engaging, way. It shows how someone’s life has changed forever in a documentary style that follows the subject’s daily routine.

Variety of content is the key to a good Day-In-The-Life Video. We video the subject at therapy sessions, doctor’s appointments, and everyday tasks to show the viewer what the subject’s life is truly like, right now.

We offer both Half and Full day Day-In-The-Life Videos. Depending on injury and content, we try to keep the video well under an hour’s running time. Two copies of the DVD are provided at no cost.

Our Day-In-The-Life Videos are fast-paced and engaging, and offer the viewer a peek into a life that can now be easily viewed without leaving the office.

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