Injury Photography

“When I was a Claims Adjuster, I would get two types of photographs sent to me by attorneys: snapshots, and professional photographs.

The snapshots told me that the injury, and therefore the case, was minor.

 The professional photographs meant the case was serious, and made me bring the file to my Assistant Manager…”

—John Fanizzo


Action Evidence Photography & Video is your source for quality injury and scar photography.  One look at our work will show you that we obtain the type of photographs that are not possible with a consumer grade SLR or telephone camera. Those types of cameras simply cannot get the level of clarity and scope that we can. We also use several off-camera lights to fully reveal and model the injury. Our lighting and professional cameras make the injury look as realistic, sharp, and three-dimensional as possible.

For each injury photography order, we provide two folders of 5” x 7” photographs: one for you, the other for your adversary. We normally provide 18-24 photographs per folder, and each photograph is encased in clear plastic archival sheets to preserve and protect.

We fully guarantee our work. If the client is not satisfied with our photographs, we will gladly re-take the photographs again at no charge. In 29 years, that has happened exactly once.

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