Slip and Fall (AKA Premises) Accident Site

“Anybody who photographs a sidewalk defect by simply pointing the camera down at the pavement

 isn’t photographing anything.

 It is the locus and the ground-level view that tell the story…”

—John Fanizzo


Photographing a Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, or Premises Accident site may seem simple, but it’s not.

We were taught in Claims School that the locus of an accident site must contain three things:

  • Perspective
  • Surroundings
  • Ground-level view

We at Action Evidence Photography & Video take these precepts seriously. Our goal is to provide photographs of a Premises Accident Site that will transport the viewer to the site, as if he or she was standing right there.

Our Premises Accident Site Package contains two folders, each containing 18-24  5” x 7” photographs in protective archival plastic sheets. Hand Drawn plastic overlays on relevant photographs show measurements, directions of travel, and relevant location data.  All you need to document a Premises Accident.

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